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In case this needs to be spelt out any further, this would entail going to war with a country that possesses the world’s biggest arsenal of nuclear weapons.

So conflict that begins on the shores of the Baltic could, in extremis, escalate into one that threatens the survival of humanity.

Mr Kohver was later paraded on Russian television and charged with subverting the very state that had carried out his kidnapping.

This incident passed largely unnoticed in the West, but Estonia and its Baltic neighbours, Latvia and Lithuania, drew a stark conclusion.

From the beginning, Russian special forces and military intelligence were providing the planning, muscle and logistics.

How many more Gentile youths need to die in wars for the Jews? Now we’re stuck with Jews, queers, and incompetent women. We’re raising the economic costs for Russia’s illegal occupation of Crimea and its efforts to destabilize eastern Ukraine.

But the real victims of Putin’s policies are the Russian people.” of our nation’s money via the Federal Reserve, any nation that crosses them becomes their target. the tip of the iceberg of the Jewish ruination of America. Men like Robert E Lee, William Howard Taft, and Louis Thomas Mc Fadden will never be seen again.

For this reason, a Russian invasion remains highly unlikely.

The greatest danger is that Mr Putin would use methods that fall short of classic invasion.

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Look no further than Ukraine, which provides vivid proof of Russia’s mastery of “hybrid warfare”, namely the use of every method of force and coercion except full-scale conflict.

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