Are alex pettyfer and dianna agron dating

Two months later, while covering a shitty and misogynistic interview Pettyfer did in the magazine ‘s Ted Casablanca and Ivana Dukanovic wrote “Whoa. We sure hear you do…Maybe you should consider fleeing the planet, Pettyfer.

If not, you could always stay and remake with Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson.” Harsh words for a young star with an obvious temper problem.

So we know that he walks with a big dick, thinks he’s the next Brad Pitt. Demanding and arrogant, Pettyfer was supposedly difficult on the set of , thinks he deserves Taylor Lautner-style paycheques before even contributing to a box office winner.

Although the two played coy, one source who had spotted the couple out and about told PEOPLE, “Alex was making Dianna laugh so much that her face was beet red.” Reps for Pettyfer and Agron haven’t returned a request for comment.

Agron has come out and said she was terrified of Pettyfer and his temper, and insinuations have been made that he was violent to Agron as well.

Is it our willingness to forgive celebrities and their behavior because it’s so far removed from our actual daily lives?

Charlie Sheen has become more of a punch line than a public threat.

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