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they will rarely do anything unless a company has been reported by several parties...finally they are not allowed to inform others of your debts, or give out that information.It may be worth calling them to find out what's going on and trying to resolve it if necessary hi, i have had four letters now from these, i knew i didnt have a dept but called British Gas anyway they didnt know anything about it, i also sought advise from citizens advise and have just written a letter to tell them that i DO NOT acknowledge the dept and that i will not be paying them a penny.the dept has my old address on it and my old name i have not given my name i have used the name they have already, i would suggest you do your homework and contact the company that they say they brought the dept from before contacting them.[smilie=013.gif] I moved house after being a student (im sorry, im not a mum or even female i wasnt sure if this was an exclusive forum.) A cancled BT account failed to get cancled.and ever since these guys have been after some poxy amouint of money i refuse to pay BT because i refute that i indeed owe them said debt. they also HAVE TO inform you when the debt is passed on.i will not be paying a penny ,after speaking to lovely Claudine who was so rude, i dont see why i should keep trying to resolve this when i have enough written proof this is not my debt !!!!! You've put it in writing already which is good as then you have a copy of what you've sent/written.I would suggest continuing in this vein, send another letter asking them to look at your first letter and the tenancy agreement and remove the debt from your name with immediate effect.

Bear in mind if you do hand over any money whatsoever you have accepted responsibility for the debt whether you originally ran it up or not We had delaings with these last week.Turned out that ours was for a gas/electric bill for a property we had rented 4 years ago and the debt was incurred 2 years ago.I checked with british gas...called past due and that was it, debt absolved, problem it was thier mistake not to cancle when i requested. If you dont aknowledge the letters they will eventually call you. And they have to keep a clear history so they cant pass the debt on and have many people harrassing you.If they call you they will try to get you to confirm your name and adress. and my personal favourite for you kim ignoring and/or disregarding claims that debts have been settled or are disputed and continuing to make unjustified demands for payment But be warned my response to caliming i dont even owe this debt it was BT's mistake was thats not our concern.

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