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But gamification has always been a big part of the mating mix.It’s what mid-century makeout games like spin the bottle and pass the grapefruit were about.Only a handful of years earlier, the same demographic was nothing but a swarm of pre-sexual children.Then the mating software booted up, but it was constrained by bodies and minds way too young to do much about it.Gordon cites 9/11 and the global recession as formative experiences for Millennials—and they surely were, piling burdens of loss and economic hardship on the shoulders of young people who might not be equipped to bear them.In the process, diversions like steamlined dating, enabled by game-like apps became all the more appealing.Soon enough, their sexuality will be back in harness—they’ll be married, with children, their primal impulses constrained again by commitment and culture.

Now I can do it all online.” That’s different—a little—but only in the way that going out to a movie is different from streaming one at home.When it comes to romance, the last century alone has seen multiple transformations, all of which felt like never-before force multipliers for human sexuality.There was feminism in the 1970s—which freed women to heed both the urges of their bodies and the imperatives of their dignity, allowing them to make the kinds of choices they never could before.MORE Inside Tinder: Meet the Guys Who Turned Dating Into an Addiction The gamification element may be less than it seems too.There’s no way to deny that Tinder has reframed the win-lose quality of mate selection like nothing ever before.

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